PSP 84

PSP 84

PSP 84 is an audio processor plug-in application that offers delay based effects
1.5.2 (See all)

The PSP 84 1.5 is a software audio processor plug-in application that offers delay based effects and a range of adjustable filters as well as a functional reverb unit with simplified settings tuned to reproduce exactly spring and plate reverberations.

Designed specifically with musicians in mind, this application’s easy-to-use interface suits musicians at any level. It has a wide range of delay-based effects and two independent delay lines operate with the variable sampling rate and precise tape saturation resulting in a realistic simulation of tape delay. Musicians benefit from PSP 84’s modulation section that synchronizes the host temp making it possible, with resonant filters, to create auto-wah-wah effects, as well as shaping the we signal’s spectral content.

This program also has cross-channel feedback and independent channel settings that offer animated delay effects that are special and cut through the mix. The saturation algorithm tool adds mild overdrive and harmonic richness for guitar music. For space and warmth, musicians can use the reverberation unit featured for enhancement. Depending on the sound required by the song, the PSP 84 can provide clean crisp echoes or the signal can be degenerated with the variable internal sampling rat that allows pitch-twist effects, vocal doublers, and detune effects to be obtained. With this processor, great effects can be added to tracks within the mix or to drum and synth loops, and even to vocals with the included presets.

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  • Ensures excellent audio quality.


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